The Jersey Dog Handlers Association was originally set up for Juniors and has evolved over the years & caters for all ages of handlers. We offer dog training in Jersey for those who wish to train in show handling/ringcraft for conformation shows. We follow the Kennel Club’s Good Citizen Dog Scheme for obedience. The Good Citizen Dog Scheme is the fastest growing training programme for dogs & is aimed at pet obedience.  If your dog is a puppy it will start off doing the puppy foundation course.  If you want to continue training once your dog is older & many people do then the puppy foundation is followed by the Bronze, Silver & Gold Good Citizen.  We also offer the opportunity to train your dog in flyball which is a fun, fast sport involving your dog running over four low jumps & retrieving a tennis ball at the end of the jumps before returning the same way, in other words a doggy relay with a team of four dogs. We also have any area for people to self train their dogs

 if they wish, this is aimed at people who do competition obedience & are confident enough to train themselves.


All our exciting activities take place on a Tuesday evening at the Royal Jersey Showground, Trinity & a warm welcome awaits you & your dog.

If you would like to join us please contact either:

Christine Marett on 07797 740836 or 874708 (ansaphone).

or Natasha Ward on 07700 725122

or email jjdha@hotmail.co.uk