Fun Ring, Judge Cathy Le Feuvre- Radio Jersey

Cutest Puppy

1st Anne Proffitt & Bobby

2nd Leah & Riley

3rd Emilie Ward & Violet

4th Susie Kelly & Doris

5th Yakira Michel & Wispa

6th Jane Bennett & Polly

Golden Oldie

1st Peter Blake & Lucky

2nd Sue Keith & Evie

3rd Kevin Perryman & Alfie

4th Jill Roscuet & Cardi

5th Susan Refson & Bobby

6th Helena Nore & Inka

Happiest Dog

1st Howard Barette & Bailey

2nd Stephen Le Roy & Duque

3rd Naomi Refson & Piper

4th Greta & Alexander Chapman & Bella

5th Nicole Wheatley & Binky

6th Yakira Michel & Blue

Best Cross Breed

1st Milena Rive & Billy

2nd Gay Martin & Poacher

3rd James Moon & Jebediah

4th Alexandra Kennedy & Nova

5th Charlene Moignard & Cooper

6th Dawn Fielding & Margie

Sausage Race

1st Sheona Le Roy & Joya

2nd Stephen Le Roy & Duque

3rd Greta & Alexander Chapman & Bella

4th Sarah Pope & Basil

5th J.J.Gallagher & Sammie

6th Bev Barette & Crystal

Best Rescue Dog

1st Kevin Perryman & Alfie

2nd J.J. Gallagher & Sammie

3rd Sue Keith & Evie

4th Ros Forrester & Effie

5th Alex Nash & Leki

6th Harry & India Pallot-Mister & Luna

Egg & Spoon Race

1st Sarah Pope & Basil

2nd Greta Chapman & Bella

3rd Jill Roscuet & Cardy

4th Alexander Chapman & Bella

5th Michael & Maria Reddy & Axle

6th Ciara Evans & Pebble

Most Handsome Dog

1st Valery Johnson & Sunny

2nd Katie Gilmour & Woody

3rd Roxy Dickson & Saturn

4th Ciara Evans & Pebble

5th Jill Roscuet & Cardi

6th Natalie Le Tourneur & Buddy

Prettiest Bitch

1st Claire Reid & Lulu

2nd Susie Kelly & Doris

3rd Bev Barette & Simba

4th Jo Brown & Tink

5th Hayley & Blossom

6th Joe & Laney Betts & Maddie

Temptation Alley

1st Alexandra Kennedy & Nova

2nd Yakira Michel & Blue

3rd Sheona Le Roy & Joya

4th Susie Kelly & Doris

5th Greta & Alexander Chapman & Bella

6th Sam Le Couillard & Gem

Dog the Judge Would Like to Take Home

1st Anne Proffitt & Bobby

2nd Sheona Le Roy & Joya

3rd Howard Barette & Bailey

4th Helena Norem & Saffie

5th Jill Roscuet & Cardi

6th Yakira Michel & Blue

Fancy Dress Class

1st Christine Sheppard & Cassie

2nd Anne Mullock & Ollie

3rd Sarah Pope & Basil

4th Ciara Evans & Pebble

5th Yakira Michel & Wispa

6th Jo Brown & Tink

Pedigree Ring Judge Julian Schofield

Puppy 4-6 months

1st Jane & Jonathan Bennett’s Wakematt Polly of Jasandor

2nd Sarah Swain’s Majikcharms Willow

3rd Lisa Aune’s Buey’s Charmer

Puppy 6-9 months

1st Hayley Bisson’s Little Flirtation at Beaulamey

2nd Stephen & Jenny Lawson’s Oakland City Des Plaines Des Bruyers at Kipipiriking

3rd Christine Sheppard’s Carmiably Free Spirit

Puppy 9-12 months

1st Linda McFarlane’s Sharanae Careless Whisper

Best Puppy: Little Flirtation at Beaulamey. Reserve Puppy: Wakematt Polly of Jasandor


1st Anita Vetier & Daisy


1st Natasha Ward & Arbenik Miss Mystique at Simbarra

2nd Kathleen Poignand & Stoneycombe Star Shimmer

3rd Rosemary McFarlane & Reinglen Morning Star

Open Dog Sporting

1st Debbie Houghton & Enid Le Gresdley’s Fielgar Flyin The Flag

2nd Kelly Moulin & Majikcharms Star Gazer

3rd Michael & Maria Reddy’s Axle

Open Dog Non Sporting

1st Mrs J & Miss L McFarlane’s Ayojo Morgan at Glendyke

2nd Valery Johnson’s Mohnesee Dance with Me at Valdug

Open Bitch Sporting

1st Jenny Lawson’s Yazzi Yazmin Yashmina at Kipipiriking

2nd Joe & Laney Betts Northquest Taylor Betts

3rd Christine Marett’s Gayteckels Bottoms Up

Open Bitch Non Sporting

1st Brian & Sally Rousseau’s Shiloh Prima Donna at Dimkas

2nd Hayley Bisson’s Beaulamey Holly Golightly

3rd Rosemary McFarlane’s Reinglen Morning Star


1st Christine Marett’s Limier Didier at Gayteckels, Pd’H

2nd Linda & Joyce McFarlane’s Publicity Put a Spell on You

Best in Show: Yazzi Yazmin Yashmina at Kipipiriking. Reserve: Fielgar Flyin The Flag

CC Winners

1st Christine Marett’s Idefix Day Break at Gayteckels


1st Christine Marett’s Idefix Day Break at Gayteckels & Gayteckels Sister Act.


A total of 88 dogs took part in the afternoon & the club would like to say a big thank you to our sponsors:


Raw N More

Fish 4 Dogs

Carla Mackay

New Era Veterinary Hospital

Jane Le Claire

Joe & Laney Betts

Angie Seedhouse & Sausage

Oliie Rocks

Andy, Natasha & Emilie Ward

Bells Holiday Cottage

Kelly Moulin

Robyn Boschat

Valery Johnson

Elwyn Pitcher

Samantha & Annette Kezourec

Helen Lester & Ian Hutchinson

Roisin Pitman