Jan 242018

Kennel Club of Jersey

Members Show January 2018

Jersey Dog Handlers Members Results.


Members of the Club did very well recently at the Kennel Club of Jersey Members Show.


Reserve Best In Show & Terrier Group 1 was Christine Marett’s Cesky Terrier, Gayteckels Sister Act.

Best Terrier Brace & Best Brace in Show was Christine Marett’s Gayteckels Sister Act & Idefix Day Break at Gayteckels.

Best Veteran in Show was Carla Mackay’s Border Collie, Weynoake Blazing Star over Tarabish.

In the Working Group, Group 2 & winner of the Good Citizen Stakes was Margaret Bayes Boxer, Docrema Don Giovanni. G3 & best Junior in Show was Jane Le Claire’s Great Dane, Dainoak Absolutely Lovely. G4, PG1 & Best Puppy in Show was John & Anne Banyard’s Dobermann, Rafthouse Outclass.

In the Gundog Group, Group 1 & Best Novice In Show was Joe & Laney Betts Cocker Spaniel, Northquest Taylor Betts.  G3 was Debbie Houghton & Enid Le Gresley’s American Cocker Spaniel, Fielgar Flyn The Flag. PG1 was Claire White’s Cocker Spaniel, Granrose Golden Chance handled by Rachel Le Masurier.  The stakes class was won by Kelly Moulin’s Cocker Spaniel, Rosecourt Rustle of Satin at Majikcharms handled by Emilie Ward.

In the Hound Group, Group 1 was won by Jenny Lawson’s Whippet, Alamayn Equinox Cassidy at Kipipiriking, G2 was Fiona Officer & Stuart Mottershaw’s Afghan Hound, Schumayakas A Perfect Match for Elangeni, G3 was Christine Marett’s PBGV, Limier Didier at Gayteckels & PG1 & G4 was Steve & Debbie Coleman’s S/H Miniature Dachshund.

In the Terrier Group, Group 2 was Piotr & Agata Kucza’s Irish Terrier, Amberville Fortune Cookie & G4 was Mark Fletcher & Angie Seedhouse’s SBT, Granitangel Zirconia Pearl.

In the Toy Group Puppy Group 1 was Carla Mackay’s Chinese Crested, New in Town of Angels Legacy for Tarabish

In the Utility Group, Group 1 was Sarah Cooper’s Shih Tzu, Forepaws Joi De Vivre, G2 was Clare Power’s Lhasa Apso, Petwalk Diamonds R Forever. Puppy G2 was Penny Chapman & David Pestana’s Bulldog, Chunkabulls Grey Wind.

In the Pastoral Group, Group 1 was Collette Allen’s Shetland Sheepdog, Milesend Blue Ink for Ribans, G2 was Collette Allen’s Rough Collie, Brooklynson Pixie Lott, G3 was Chris Cullen’s Border Collie, Tonkory Running Order. Puppy g1 was Liz Boschat’s Shetland Sheepdog, Mohnesse Tri To Guess.

Dec 302017

The Pawscars is the canine equivalent of the Oscars.

The Jersey Dog Handlers have been shortlisted for a Pawscar. Voting has just opened. Please could everyone vote for us? Voting is online at www.pawscars.co.uk, we are shortlisted in the Training Club category. The winner will be announced at the Gala event the night before Crufts. To vote please find us in category 6, tick on our logo and then scroll to the bottom of the page to submit your vote.

Nov 252017

Bronze Good Citizen Awards

Assessor Angie Seedhouse

Kelly Moulin & Percy (Cocker Spaniel)

Louise Eden & Pretzel (Shetland Sheepdog)

Valery Johnson & Sunshine (Shetland Sheepdog)

Nov 152017

Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, November 21st, 7.15pm, Members Room, The Royal Jersey Showground, Trinity.

Nominations for Committee:

President: Christine Marett, nominated by Margaret Bayes MBE, seconded by Fiona Officer

Vice President: No nominations

Secretary: Natasha Ward, proposed by Christine Marett, seconded by Samantha Kezourec

Treasurer: Samantha Kezourec proposed by Margaret Bayes MBE, seconded by Jennifer Lawson

Committee: Laney Betts, proposed by Natasha Ward, seconded by Christine Marett

                        Joe Betts, proposed by Natasha Ward, seconded by Christine Marett

                        Carla Mackay, proposed by Valery Johnson, seconded by Margaret Bayes MBE.

Nov 162016
Annual General Meeting & Christmas Buffet
November 22nd
Members Room, Royal Jersey Showground, Trinity
No dogs as there will not be any training.

Nominations for committee:

President: Mrs Christine Marett, proposed Dr Margaret Bayes MBE, seconded Mrs Tina Syvret.
Vice President: Mrs Briony Price, proposed Mrs Tina Syvret, seconded Miss Robyn Boschat
Secretary: Mrs Elizabeth Boschat, proposed Mrs Sarah Cooper, seconded Mrs Marcia Le Claire
Treasurer: Miss Samantha Kezourec, proposed by Dr Margaret Bayes MBE, seconded Mrs Christine Marett.
Ordinary members: No nominations for ordinary members, nominations can be taken at the meeting from the floor.
Nov 162016

Bronze Good Citizen Awards
Assessor Robyn Boschat
Michelle Bouchard & Mossi (English Springer Spaniel)

Assessor Tina Syvret
Nicky Stewart & Kenzie (Shetland Sheepdog)
Louisa Beldon & Flick (Springer x Cocker)

Nov 022016

Silver Good Citizen Awards
Assessor Briony Price
Julia Lecrivain & Sky (Miniature American Shepherd)
Carla Mackay & Gunner (Border Collie)
Katarina Casserlov & Tigger (Shetland Sheepdog)