Apr 182018

Bronze Good Citizen Awards

Assessor Sue Curwood

Yvonne Bailey & Freddie (Jack Russell)

Claire Haithwaite & Betty (Norfolk Terrier)

Eryn Le Long & Milo (Crossbreed)

Michal Pawlica & Nougat (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)


Puppy Foundation

Assessor/Instructor Angie Seedhouse

Claire De La Haye & Bruce (Labrador)

Maria Duhamel & Edith (Min L/h Dachshund)

Kerry-Anne Vibert & Lola (Hungarian W/h Vizsla)

Jan 242018

Kennel Club of Jersey

Members Show January 2018

Jersey Dog Handlers Members Results.


Members of the Club did very well recently at the Kennel Club of Jersey Members Show.


Reserve Best In Show & Terrier Group 1 was Christine Marett’s Cesky Terrier, Gayteckels Sister Act.

Best Terrier Brace & Best Brace in Show was Christine Marett’s Gayteckels Sister Act & Idefix Day Break at Gayteckels.

Best Veteran in Show was Carla Mackay’s Border Collie, Weynoake Blazing Star over Tarabish.

In the Working Group, Group 2 & winner of the Good Citizen Stakes was Margaret Bayes Boxer, Docrema Don Giovanni. G3 & best Junior in Show was Jane Le Claire’s Great Dane, Dainoak Absolutely Lovely. G4, PG1 & Best Puppy in Show was John & Anne Banyard’s Dobermann, Rafthouse Outclass.

In the Gundog Group, Group 1 & Best Novice In Show was Joe & Laney Betts Cocker Spaniel, Northquest Taylor Betts.  G3 was Debbie Houghton & Enid Le Gresley’s American Cocker Spaniel, Fielgar Flyn The Flag. PG1 was Claire White’s Cocker Spaniel, Granrose Golden Chance handled by Rachel Le Masurier.  The stakes class was won by Kelly Moulin’s Cocker Spaniel, Rosecourt Rustle of Satin at Majikcharms handled by Emilie Ward.

In the Hound Group, Group 1 was won by Jenny Lawson’s Whippet, Alamayn Equinox Cassidy at Kipipiriking, G2 was Fiona Officer & Stuart Mottershaw’s Afghan Hound, Schumayakas A Perfect Match for Elangeni, G3 was Christine Marett’s PBGV, Limier Didier at Gayteckels & PG1 & G4 was Steve & Debbie Coleman’s S/H Miniature Dachshund.

In the Terrier Group, Group 2 was Piotr & Agata Kucza’s Irish Terrier, Amberville Fortune Cookie & G4 was Mark Fletcher & Angie Seedhouse’s SBT, Granitangel Zirconia Pearl.

In the Toy Group Puppy Group 1 was Carla Mackay’s Chinese Crested, New in Town of Angels Legacy for Tarabish

In the Utility Group, Group 1 was Sarah Cooper’s Shih Tzu, Forepaws Joi De Vivre, G2 was Clare Power’s Lhasa Apso, Petwalk Diamonds R Forever. Puppy G2 was Penny Chapman & David Pestana’s Bulldog, Chunkabulls Grey Wind.

In the Pastoral Group, Group 1 was Collette Allen’s Shetland Sheepdog, Milesend Blue Ink for Ribans, G2 was Collette Allen’s Rough Collie, Brooklynson Pixie Lott, G3 was Chris Cullen’s Border Collie, Tonkory Running Order. Puppy g1 was Liz Boschat’s Shetland Sheepdog, Mohnesse Tri To Guess.

Nov 252017

Bronze Good Citizen Awards

Assessor Angie Seedhouse

Kelly Moulin & Percy (Cocker Spaniel)

Louise Eden & Pretzel (Shetland Sheepdog)

Valery Johnson & Sunshine (Shetland Sheepdog)

Nov 162016

Bronze Good Citizen Awards
Assessor Robyn Boschat
Michelle Bouchard & Mossi (English Springer Spaniel)

Assessor Tina Syvret
Nicky Stewart & Kenzie (Shetland Sheepdog)
Louisa Beldon & Flick (Springer x Cocker)

Nov 022016

Silver Good Citizen Awards
Assessor Briony Price
Julia Lecrivain & Sky (Miniature American Shepherd)
Carla Mackay & Gunner (Border Collie)
Katarina Casserlov & Tigger (Shetland Sheepdog)

Oct 052016

Silver Good Citizen Awards
Assessor Ro Cox
Christine Marett & Flint (Cesky Terrier)
Margaret Bayes & Gionvanni (Boxer)
Lorraine Bresat & Memphis (Crossbreed)
Michal Pawlica & Mocha (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)
Nivek Dove & Woody (Crossbreed)
Susan Ingram & Bonnie (Cairn Terrier)

Aug 062016

The results can be downloaded here: Limit & Open Results


Open Show Report:

Thank you to Christine Marett and her team for giving me the privilage of judging at your Open show. To all the handlers ,and Stewards for making my weekend with you an enjoyable one. The hospitality of your club was fantastic, the weather superb, what more could I ask for.The order of classes was the reverse of the previous day.
Class: C
1stMrs Wright BC Foxbarton Black velvet ,losing 13.5 most marks lost on sendaway with handler taking a wrong turn. Well done
2nd Mr Guibout,BC Bartonview humbug losing 56.5. a superb round until scent.unfortunately the decoy proved too tempting
3rd Mrs Wright BC Foxbarton Black Queen losing 71.5 unfortunately found the decoy in scent
Class: B
1stMrs Davies BC Patois Corbette, losing 17, excellent heelwork, retrieve and scent were costly, well done
2nd MrsPearce losing 23, very nice heelwork but messy retrieve, well done
Excellent use of a training round from Mrs Blake
Class: A
1stMrs Davies BC Patois Corbette losing 6.5 excellent work , a silly shake in scent well done
2nd Mrs Hitchon BC Patois Phizz losing 14.5 lovely A recall, broke stay
3rd Mrs Bracegridle GSD Foxfold Zafira losing 17, Most marks lost on heelwork, slow or no sits
4th Mr Bennet GSD losing 18, as with previous dog slow or no sits in heelwork costly .A recall very nice 
Class: Novice
1st Mrs Mcfarlene GSD,jetril Dakota, losing 3.5 well done good round
2nd Mrs Hitchon BC,Patois Phizz, losin 6, sort out the wide abouts and left turns,good round
3rd Mr Bennett GSD losing 9.5 tighten up his heelwork he is lovely dog
4thMrs Bouchere WS losing 11.5, very good recall, remember heelwork should be a loose lead
5th Mrs Pearce BC losing 13.5 some lagging in heel free was costly clear recall
6thMr Cullen BC losing 14.5, very well done, you weren`t quite so nervous
Class: Beginner
1st Mrs Davy spaniel losing 5.5, well done lovely recall and retrieve
2nd Mrs Le Masurier, kelpie losing 15 good recall
Class: Pre beg
1stMrs Le Masurier Kelpie Sweep, losing 10.5 most marks lost on heel free, heel on lead good
2nd Miss Sheppard , Lab losing 14, unfortunately broke stays, good round
3rd Mrs Curwood japanese chin , losing 23 what a character,in places of heelwork his attention on his mum was lovely
4th Miss Mitchell GSD losing 41, not paying attention to his mum today as family members were in the room.I am so glad after the end of the competition you managed to get an excellent recall out this handsome dog
5thMrs Le Masurier Kelpie Basil losing 54, unfortunately he broke both his stays


Limit Show Report:

Thank you to Marcel initially for the phone call and then Christine Marett for the formal invitation to judge the islands limit and open show. I thoroughly enjoyed the company and hospitality of the club over the weekend.The handlers were a lovely friendly bunch some of whom I knew already from previous visits. Thank you to Christine, Mick and Sam for your company each evening, and showing me some lovely parts of the island.
The venue was a rifle range club house.
Class: Pre-beginners 
1st No 17 Mrs La Masuthie australian kelpie losing 4.5 excellent recall, well done
2nd Miss Sheppard labrador losing 6.5 very nice dog who tried hard
3rd Miss Mitchell GSD losing 6.5 unfortunatly lazy crooked sits today
4th Miss Curwood japanese chin losing 7, what a character, short sections of lovely attention.
Class: Beginners
2nd No 17 Mrs La Masuthie australian kelpie Sweep,losing 32.5 unfortunately the heel free was your downfall today especially as you had to put hands on him a lot.
3rd No 7 Miss Curwood japanese chin Frankie, 34.5 as with above dog lots of hand contact in heel free
Class: Novice
1st No 15 Mrs Hitchon, BC losing 3.5 left turns need tightening up but generally good work well done
2nd No 8 Mrs Davies, BC Porcia losing 4, a couple of jumps in heelwork and left turns as above dog, nice round,
3rdNo1 Mr Bennet GSD losing 5.5, a/ts and sits lazy from this large dog but pieces of nice work
4th No 6 Mr Cullen, losing 6, nerves from the handler were an issue, but some good work from the dog
5th No21 Mrs Pearce,BC, losing 8 heel free was the main problem with lagging, very nice recall
6th No 3 Mrs Bouchere ws. losing 9, General work needs tightening up but nice handling
Class: A
1st No 15 Mrs Hitchon losing 5 well done nice round
2nd No 19Mrs Mcfarlene GSD losing 8 excellent scent well done
3rd No 1 Mr Bennet GSD losing 17.5, naughty on scent which was a shame
4th No 9Mrs Davies BC losing 35.5 excellent round then mucked up scent
Class: B
1st No 21 Mrs Pearce BC losing 18.5 Good scent well done
2nd No 10Mrs Davies BC losing 19.5 silly errors in retrieve and scent 
3rd No 4 Mrs Bracegridle GSD losing 31, sendaway was your pit fall today bad luck
Class: C
1st No 12 Mr Guibout Bc losing 14 good heelwork, unfortunately handler took wrong turn in sendaway, well done
2nd No 26 Mrs Wright BC losing 15.5 Pick up in ASSD need to be tightened up otherwise good round
3rd No 22 Mrs PearceBC losing 51 missed positions in ASSD and Dc very costly
4th No 25 Mrs Wright losing 65.5 unfortunately brought the decoy scent cloth

Jun 122016

Gold Good Citizen Awards
Assessor Ro Cox
Lorraine Bressat & Memphis (Crossbreed)
Carol Pearce & Buddy (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)
Fay Kirk & Skippy (Collie X)

Jun 122016

Bronze Good Citizen Awards
Assessor Sue Blake
Katarina Casserlov & Tigger (Sheltie)
Diane Coppins & Skye (Cairn Terrier)
Julia Lecrivain & Sky (Australian Shepherd)

Feb 242016
Silver Good Citizen Awards
Assessor Ro Cox
Christine Marett & Flint (Cesky Terrier)
Margaret Bayes & Giovanni (Boxer)
Lorraine Bressat & Memphis (X Breed)
Michal Pawlica & Mocha (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)
Nivek Dover & Woody (Cocker X)
Susan Ingram & Bonnie (Cairn Terrier)