Meet The Team



Christine Marett (President, Trainer)

I have been a member of the Jersey Dog Handlers Association for 29 years, during which time I have successfully trained my dogs in show handling, obedience and agility. I am also an honorary life member of the association which has played a large part in mine and my family’s lives. I train all levels of the Good Citizen Dog Scheme and qualified to test Bronze and Silver tests.

I have been around dogs all my life as my father was the first and only Guide Dog owner in the Channel Islands for many years. A succession of Guide Dogs passed through our house and in addition to this my brother and I had a couple of Pembroke Corgis. I worked voluntarily for the Animal Shelter for three years on a Saturday and in school holidays where I was able to work with dogs as well as the cattery and the stray block. When I left school I went to work at the David Place Veterinary Hospital where I became one of the first two home trained veterinary nurses, working my way up from kennel maid to head nurse. I was there for 12 years before I left to have my two sons.

When we acquired our first family dog we joined the Jersey Juniors Handlers Association (as it was known then) and I took on the position of secretary which I held for 13 years, 1991-2004. My two sons competed successfully locally, in the UK and Europe through this club and are both actively involved with the dog world now they have moved to the mainland.

I have represented the Channel Islands at Crufts with one of my dogs Taj in both the silver and gold Good Citizen teams and successfully competed at championship level in the UK with our kennel of Cesky Terriers.

I have a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen who has become a PAT dog & is part of the Reading 2 Dogs scheme.  Didi goes to St Clement’s Primary School once a week to listen to children read. I also have a Cesky Terrier, Flint, who goes to First Tower Primary School.

Valery Johnson (Vice-President)

Kelly Moulin (Secretary)

Claire White (Committee, Show Handling Trainer)

Since a small child I have always had animals around me especially dogs.  We currently have an Otterhound which has become a very rare breed, but I’m mostly known for my Cockers and currently have 6.
After leaving school, I continued to follow my passion for animals and went to work for the JSPCA, I then gained my City & Guilds Qualification for dog grooming and opened my own salon. Due to bad health I had no option but to close the salon and concentrate on getting well again. Once back on my feet I had the tough decision to make of what do I do now!
My family have different business interests and the only thing I was sure of was, if I was going back to work for any length of time it had to involve animals. Having successfully bred a few litters of healthy English Cocker Spaniels and unable to groom for hours on end, I started to look into health and nutrition for dogs. This is when Raw & More was created, a business idea that is the perfect fit for anyone with the love and passion for dogs. Raw dog food used and manufactured correctly is the best option to help keep your dog fit and healthy in my opinion.  It doesn’t matter what size, type or breed of dog you have, raw can benefit all.
Having had a variety of dogs throughout my life, I’m happy to help anyone with grooming, diet needs or simply answer any queries anyone may have.  Most people treat their dogs like children and just want the best for them, I for one can relate to that, as the saying goes, my children have 4 paws.

Rachel Le Masurier (Committee, Show Handling Trainer)



Tina Syvret (Obedience Trainer)

I am passionate about dogs having owned and trained dogs for around 20 years. I have tried my hand at obedience, working trials, showing and agility.  Most of my dogs have been rescues of all shapes and sizes which has lead me to find different ways of doing things, and an appreciation that there is no one method that suits all dogs.  My canine activities revolve around what my our legged family enjoy the most, and I am privileged to share my life with 4 incredible friends at the moment.  We currently enjoy agility and good citizen training together, and I love the bond that working with my dogs brings.

Angie Seedhouse (Obedience Trainer)

I have had dogs for over 20 years. I started with an English Springer Spaniel & through my partner, I now have Staffordshire Bull Terriers. We have bred 6 litters & have been involved with showing, basic obedience & are currently learning agility. One of my dogs is also a PAT (Pets As Therapy) dog & regularly visits a residential home. I believe in a common sense approach to training & remember there is no such thing as a silly question.

Robyn Boschat (Obedience Trainer)

I have grown up with my aunts Staffordshire Bull Terriers and I have also enjoyed going to dog shows with my mum and aunt where I have been able to meet different breeds of dogs. I am currently taking part in the Bronze Good Citizenship and Flyball at Juniors training. I am a very hard worker and I enjoy being part of a team. I am very happy to be on the Jersey Dog Handlers committee. I currently do not own a dog but I would like to own one in the future.