Aug 272015
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Special Pre Beginner      1st Withheld
2nd Ebony Avon Du Magluar – Mr J Cordial

Pre Beginner                 1st Withheld
2nd Jess Le Soleil – Mrs S Davy


Beginner                      1st Chocko Cani – Miss E Lloyd

                                    2nd Silvertin New Mischief – Mr P Cornic
                                    3rd Ollie Star Of Midnight – Mrs A Boschat
                                    4th Lucky Bran – Miss E Lloyd
                                    5th Jess Le Soleil – Mrs S Davy
Novice                         1st Ashlindt Angel – Mrs L Keeler
                                   2nd Touch Of Clubs Little Mix – Mrs S Blake
                                   3rd Canen Mo – Mr M de la Haye
                                   4th Foxfold Zafira – Mrs L Bracegridle
                                   5th Maldevale Jackson Junior – Mr S Cabot
                                   6th Conadrew Camilla Of Jasandor – Mr J Bennett
Class A                       1st Les Nuages Papageno – Mrs T Buckley
                                  2nd Patois Corbette – Mrs G Davies
                                  3rd Till Dawn Spirit Of Summer – Mrs E Williams
                                  4th Tonkory Gin-Fizz at Shalimar – Mrs C Pearce
Class B                      No Placings
Class C                      1st Jackscrofter Black Bob – Mrs S Collins
                                  2nd Coriecollies Just For Two – Mrs R Harris
                                  3rd Foxbarton Black Velvet – Mrs W Wright
                                  4th Woughstock Wynsom Just Rob – Mr N Uden
                                  5th Woughstock Wynaway Whysper – Mrs S Blake
                                  6th Bartonview Humbug – Mr M Guibout